Monday, October 1, 2012

Blonde Hair & a Hen

Happy Monday! Yes, for once I'm happy it's Monday because that means were one day closer to Sunday! Sunday is going to be a big day... 

On Saturday my Husband and I organized the garage and got my treadmill out so I can begin working out today!

Sunday we woke up at 3:30am for no good reason (don'tcha' just love it when that happens?!) and while he could go back to sleep, I couldn't.. So by 4:30 I went to my Mom's for a visit since I knew she'd be up by then! Her and my aunts and uncles allllll wake up by 4am or so, every morning. Crazy you say? I have to agree! Anyway it was wonderful. Well not the early morning part, it was dark out of course and super cold.. But visiting with her was really nice, we talked, laughed, and joked for 5 hours straight! Only stopping for potty breaks or sips of water! I love talking with her because we can talk about anything and everything, she's so open and TMI (gee wonder where I get that from?). Oh and she made her amazing breakfast burritos but we didn't stop talking or laughing during that too. 
 It's rare that we get her and I time, just the two of us. She's usually busy with my bro on the weekends, and I don't see her that often because of my own busy life. 
 She lives in the country, with all the dirt, gravel, and bugs you could dream of. You, not me, I never really liked it out there, it's too far from civilization and I'm not a fan of dirt and bugs haha! But it's nice to get to visit because the land and views are priceless. Every year she ends up getting some new animals, but not by choice! They just seem to flock to her. Last year 18 ducks just waddled up her long driveway and stayed a while. Their feet started to get dry and scratched of course, so she tried to call around, but can you believe there are no duck rescues?! Thank goodness a friend had land with a couple of ponds, and he took them for her. Then the year before that, 3 bunnies showed up. 2 were white so they got snatched up pretty quick and the black one did pretty good for almost a year but eventually he/she got snatched up too :( So this year a cute little hen showed up! She was from the neighbor's yard, but when the neighbor came to try and get her, the hen wasn't having that! So I guess the little hen is here to stay. We've had chickens when I was a teen, so she'll be taken good care of by mom. Little miss is skittish now from her owner trying to catch her. But whenever a bird landed or flew by her she tried to fly after it and attack! It was so funny!

So by 9:30 I had to get to my hair appointment. I was surprised that it didn't take that long to get my extremely dark brown to this:

It was initially a little scary because my hair looked a bit orange, but she lightened the orange parts again so it looks much better now. Ha look at those eyebrows! That's my original hair color :( But she lightened those brows too, thank goodness! And here are the results!

Today's my first day getting back on the work out train! I'm ready!
Have a great week and I'll be posting again next week, talk soon xoxo!!

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