Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Crazy Adventures!!!

Hello! I've been super busy with work, my kiddos, and trying to get my chaotic house under control with my not so great organization skills. But hooray, it's all starting to come together. While I've been working so hard on feeding my soul with doll making (and a little Blythe customizing - LOVE!) I've been neglecting my body and treating it horribly. Vegging out on all bad foods; my faves are doritos and chocolate ice cream... In the morning!! And my doll making mainly happens while I'm sitting on the couch. Now that I've made a ton of dollies, Im going to start to slow that down a bit while I begin a fun adventure....
......... I'm going to start a workout routine as well as switch up my diet for a much healthier one. I will be posting updates on my progress on my blog. 
Here's how beautiful I was after my first child. I lost all the baby weight so quick and kept myself in the best shape with a simple workout routine and by NOT over indulging - something I really struggle with...

OK, more "interesting" news.. I'm a wild girl at heart as I'm sure most of you know! But after having my second child I tried to get all prim and proper (boooring!!)....
I changed the way I dressed, never went out (not that I ever did when I had baby #1), became a housewife, as well as an introvert and I also became a worry wart. I need to do something extreme, something adventurous, drastic, wild, and out of my element!! I'm going to dye my hair a crazy color! While I'm over the moon for a soft ombre pink, I'm a bit torn between that, bright pink (because it will be crazy bright for a few washes, then rinse out a bit to a calmer shade), and "old lady" lilac. What color do you think I should rock? Here you can see some really gorgeous colors that I think these girls rock so well!

Photos courtesy of Somewhere Over The Rainbow

I will be taking progress pictures of the whole thing. I guess in order to go that drastic of a color, it's something that has to be done in steps. So first I'll be platinum blonde for a week! Haha, good thing I don't go out much!!

For so many years I have been ashamed of my tattoos, I have gotten dirty looks and rudely stared at. It started to take it's toll and make me embarrassed of body. I let it get to me. Lately I have seen some very beautiful women with huge tattoos that look great on them. It's encouraging and inspiring for me and I've had a change of heart. I'm not embarrassed anymore because I am who I am and if people want to judge me based on my tattoos then so be it, it's not my problem. I can't go through life worrying about what other people might or might not think of me. I have several pieces that need to be finished. And over time that's what I'm going to do. It's a lot more painful and expensive to have them removed anyway, considering I have a half sleeve (outline) and huge stars going down my arm!! I am who I am and I can't change my entire being to fit into the "norm" of society or because I have children. I will always consider how my decisions will affect my children, and I hope as they grow up they can see that being true to their heart is what's important. I look forward to seeing what type of people they are and who they become. Because no matter what, we are all beautiful.

I look forward to sharing my new journey with you, stay tuned!

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