Artist Bio

I had no idea there were dolls for grown ups until I saw my first BJD about a year ago. I started with small sculptures, moving to BJDs, to me they kept turning out "weird" so I started making Jointed Art Dolls. I instantly fell in love. I had found my calling! My favorite part is painting their faces; I love watching them come to life, learning where they came from, and what their personalities are like. The most magical part is they make themselves. When I start to sculpt I go in with a design in mind but they come out however they want. Not as I have planned but how they want to be. It's such a fun thing to experience and be a part of. 

I recently had an epiphany regarding my dolls stories. 
I realized I was subconsciously writing about something I had experienced or longed for at one point in time or another. It all makes sense. This to me is the true meaning of being an Artist. Where your emotions are translated into your art. Making dolls is so personal for me, so much of myself goes into each one. I get so much from making these dolls that I hope others can take away from them the same sense of peace and serenity they give to me.

A quote I live by: "it doesnt matter how long youve been making dolls but how often you make them."

*** ♥ Fun Facts:

♥ Proud to be a woman based business

♥ I still sleep with my blankie

♥ I dance and sing in my car until I notice the odd looks by other drivers!

♥ I'm an avid rose "collector" - 20 barrels of roses 

♥ I love to sing a line from random song, over and over because it's the only part I remember 

♥ Sometimes I sing instead of talking 

♥ I have an old soul with a young sense of humor

♥ Recently I ordered 500 ladybugs, they recovered from their trip and left within 48 hrs. Apparently I'm not a good ladybug keeper..