Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pink Hair!!!

So I did it! I started working out, eating better, portion control, and last but not least - I got my hair done. The Hair Stylist had a hard time getting the ends light, they are still a little orange (that's what I get for using box color back in the day). So the ombré looks a little different than what I wanted. But still so gorg!! 

Here's me right after we finished, extensions and all

And here's some without the extensions

 It's hard to get the ombré to show in the pics, but she made the pink a little dark so that as I wash it will lighten but not wash out too much. It's also a bit hard to get an exact representation of the color, notice how in each picture the color looks a bit different? I like that though, it makes pictures fun.

I am so happy and I feel beautiful with this hair, I can't stop staring at it in the mirror! It's like a crazy wild make over! It feels so good to look so different. 

I would rather look back on my life and say, "I can't believe I did that," instead of "I wish I would have done that!!" 

Thank you Angie from Serendipity Salon!

~ More wild adventures to follow ~

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