Friday, July 27, 2012

A new addition to the "Candy Girl" Series!

Meet Saori! She's so Kawaii! With her big eyes and bright colors. She's really cute and sweet! Here's her little story:
Saori loves her pink converse tennis shoes. They help her to skip! She is very clumsy, always tripping over things and making messes.. Maybe Saori should stop skipping and start walking!

I love this girl. I'm partial to her pigtails and I think several more of this series will have them.. I've really been into experimenting with bright and bold colors. Usually I'm big on the "shabby chic" look; pastel, soft colors.. But I have all of this beautiful colored alpaca/mohair left over from not customizing my blythes (another story).. Why not use it on my dolls? So in a way, it helped me to get wild with the colors! I like it! Thank goodness a dear friend helped me find my dolls' niche: Kawaii!! Kawaii is Japanese meaning cute, sweet, big eyes....
It's like Sanrio; Hello Kitty, etc.. I've always loved Hello Kitty, so Kawaii is perfect for me. I'm so excited to have found a "category" to fit in in the doll world.

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