Thursday, August 16, 2012

How did the doll show go?

So last weekend was my doll show. It was geared towards antique dolls, which I thought would be good for higher end items. While my table definitely stood out, I think a lot of people were there for a bargain or for a specific item they were looking for. Perhaps my Art Dolls would do better at an art show as oppose to a doll show. I got a few strange faces, several comments on how my dolls looked "creepy" (which caught me off guard, I wasn't expecting that!), and one even said my work reminds them of Tim Burton (really?). But overall the majority of people said that they were cute and sweet. One person even said that when she looked at them, she can't help but smile; and that really made my day. It's comments like that, that fill my heart beyond words, and brings my soul such joy. 

I'm working on some new dollies for the Halloween season. Usually I'm not a big Halloween person, but I think it's an excuse to get a little crazy with the "creepy" dolls haha! And there's a gallery I will be submitting my work to, which will be doing a show on the darker side of art. So we'll see what happens!


Georgina said...

Knowing where to display art dolls is a seriously difficult task I'm finding out, do you do craft fairs? Art fairs? Doll fairs? Galleries? Pop-up fairs? What! But from what I've seen it looks like it takes some searching, then once you find a place where your dolls fit into the vibe you can showcase there on a regular basis. Which is even better because people will know where to find you and will become regular viewers and customers. xx

Tami said...

Creepy?! Have they lost their minds?! I happen to be a fan of creepy as well, but do not see any creepy in your sweet little ladies :( You cannot please them all, and do not fret! You and your girls are AMAAAAZING! And you look super gorgeous in the photo too :) Hang in there beautiful!